Master Any Skill with our "3A" approach

Why learn how to learn?

If I ask you to picture your next steps towards success, what comes to mind?

What is the knowledge that you need to acquire in order to reach your goal?

What skills – once mastered – will make a difference in your success?

Regardless of what you pictured, one thing is for sure: every goal you have requires you to learn something in order to achieve it, otherwise, it would be just another task to tick off your list.

How much easier would it be to acquire that knowledge and learn that skill if you could:

Boost your mental efficiency

Read faster and better

Process difficult concepts

Memorise complex information

Take notes effectively

Enter a state of flow anytime

"Learning is one of the most ubiquitous skills we apply every day, consciously or not..."

…so “learning how to learn” will not just help you reach your targets and goals, but also revolutionise how you approach information, and life.


Everywhere you venture in life, you will be required to learn something new. Whether you are aiming for a promotion, starting a new project, beginning in a new position or changing your career, the necessity to learn will accompany you at every step along the way.

You would think that after years and years spent studying in school, we would be experts at this precious art, right?


In the best cases we have developed a strategy that has led to some decent results, but these are peanuts compared to the incredible things your brain can achieve when enabled to express its true potential.

The reason why studying for years doesn’t make you an expert at learning is that, as for every other skill, it is not enough to do something repeatedly to become an expert at it.

Putting a skill into practice – although necessary – is simply not enough.

This is why we are going to discover the essential elements that will take your learning to the level of mastery.


As confirmed by the Science of Expertise, in order to master any skill, we need an approach that is based on what we call the “3A”s: Acquire, Apply, Adapt.

Each of these elements is essential, and each of them has specific characteristics that we need to respect in order to make it effective.

At inGeniusly, we have specialised in combining these three elements developing a system that is designed to help our clients master the art of learning in order to reach excellence in every endeavour they set their mind to.

…So that you can:

Use your time for what really matters

Achieve your financial and career targets

Increase your confidence at work and socially

Excel at what you do

Take on those projects you care about


What the Science of Expertise has discovered about how you can master any skill

The 3 elements you need to master any skill

The actual impact that learning has on reaching your goals

How to put in practice the 3 elements when learning

The main mistakes people make when learning

Taking this course was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I thought there’d be no way I could memorise lots of abstract information, or read very quickly and remember everything but now it’s not even remotely a barrier.

I use what the course has taught me literally every day: at work, I’m 100% confident that if I need to quickly read something I can do it, and if I choose to, I can remember that information to whatever degree of detail I want, forever.

I now happily give presentations and speak publicly because I know exactly how to remember what I want to deliver and confidently express it. I also mind-map everything! …my day to day tasks, taking notes in lectures, reading academic papers… mind maps are so useful!


Post Doctoral Researcher

Your "Cognitive Profile" is what makes you unique as a learner, with unique learning preferences and patterns.

If you have ever found yourself repeating information over and over again to memorise it or feeling unmotivated when needing to learn something remember that this is NOT a reflection of your innate abilities but a result of acquiring and applying the wrong study methods during your years in school.


Your Cognitive Profile is a tool, just like your glasses… What do we mean?

Imagine you go to an eye doctor because you can’t see too well, and the doctor just grabs his own glasses and gives them to you saying that since they work great for him you should be fine too. Would your problem be solved? Probably NOT. You would need your own customised glasses based on your needs, right?

Your Cognitive Profile works just the same way. You are different from your peers, and learning the same way with the same methods as everyone else probably won’t work as well.

Getting a custom learning method based on your needs and preferences will improve your life SIGNIFICANTLY.


inGeniusly has successfully delivered memory techniques and speed reading courses to thousands of students and professionals for a number of years.

Thanks to the incredible results our clients were achieving, our umbrella company was able to expand to 6 new countries and open over 40 offices around the world.

We soon realised that, although teaching the techniques alone was giving positive results to all our students, a more tailored approach was necessary to reach new heights.

This is when we started collaborating with learning psychologists and experts to develop a system that would take into account the different learning preferences and patterns of each individual, and this is inGeniusly today.

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to learn a new language and change my career by breaking into the project management field.

The Russian language became my new study subject, and in order for me to get into the project management field, I would have to pass the Prince2 qualification exam.

Juggling study assignments for both the became a challenge in itself, therefore I started looking for possible ways of shortening my study time while retaining more information.

inGeniusly came to the rescue!

It not only provided me with the tools and actionable strategies that lead to a boost in my reading speed, but it also helped improve my memorisation process and proved to be invaluable in organising the acquired knowledge in a simple, logical way.

In two weeks, I managed to complete half of the project management syllabus while working two different jobs and studying Russian at the same time.


Affiliate Manager


Giulia S. Remondino is an Italian expat based in London. She is the founder of inGeniusly.

A traveller at heart and fascinated by people’s inner worlds, she has used her passion for different cultures and the skills she teaches and shares in her writing to gain fluency in two languages, expand her business to three continents, and help people all over the world to improve their mental efficiency, work on their soft skills and create a more fulfilling life.

Since moving to London, she has authored a book (Genius by Choice), been a TEDx speaker, a TEDx coach in 3 different countries, and trained over a thousand individuals and several companies.

In September 2018 I came to the UK to pursue a masters degree in Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Having had all my previous education in Ghana, I found the UK educational somewhat different and very challenging. It demanded deep analytical skills, creative thinking and, especially because of my course, quick reading abilities and memorisation.

I found out about Genius 3 months to my final exams, and I immediately took the course.
Genius took me through speed reading, mind mapping my notes for easy memorisation and analysis and, time management skills.

By June 2019 I was ready to sit my exams and I could hardly believe what I had achieved. I scored top marks in most of my papers and was awarded an overall distinction.

For me, the best gift I got in 2019 was getting to know inGeniusly. Of all the things I learnt at Genius, the greatest for me was the consciousness of my own capabilities. This gave me the confidence to go out and shine.


Legal Assistant

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